Ambertrail’s Repeat After Me WCX (Qualifying Points)

January 29, 1999 - June 27, 2009


“Rider” is our ‘Sprint’ son out of Ambertrail’s Super Razzy,  MH.  He is very much the “thinking” athlete.  A good marker on land and in water, Rider is a team player and a wonderful dog to work with on blinds.   He gives his all in everything he does and learns easily.  Built for speed, Rider’s movement is smooth and effortless.   He loves and lives to please.  Rider competed in three field trials in 2002 in the Qualifying Stake level.  He was showing promise in his field training and we felt it was time to see if his training would transfer into this higher level of competition.  Of the three field trials run, Rider completed two, earning a CM in one and a Third place in another.

Rider is a handsome Golden Retriever.  We receive compliments on his striking dark color, charm and good looks often.  Rider is a proven hunting dog and is easy to work with from a duck blind as well as in the field.   Rider is easy going, alert, and has a wonderful sense of humour.  His disposition is truly ‘Golden’…   just like his dad!