November 18, 1993 - October 16, 2008


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“Jimmy” arrived at Ambertrail in September of 2000.  We were very excited to have added “Jimmy” to our field trial team and stud force.  We would like to thank Peter and Terry Martin for allowing this very “special” dog to come to Ambertrail.

Jimmy was known as a very ‘gifted’ retriever.  A superior marking dog, with both tremendous drive and determination,  an exciting dog to watch working, whether it be on land or in the water. 

“Jimmy” is a grandson of both “Sprint” and another talented dog we owned years ago called, “Otch. Skylab’s Monarch Mike***”.  Jimmy’s pedigree lists many exceptional Golden Retrievers of type, talent and health.  Jimmy’s temperament is one that is happy, easygoing and very biddable.  He is always a joy to have in the house and around other dogs.  Truly “golden”. 

In a very ‘competitive’ game and with limited trialing, Jimmy managed to accumulate a total of 25 ½ All-Age Points.  In his Junior year he earned 21 Junior Points.